Running to the Queen Mary in long beach as well as The primary goal for this week

Hello! I ran in long beach this weekend as well as made everything the method to the Queen Mary!! This is additional interesting for me since I like running in long Beach, Ca as well as I’ve run this path so numerous times before however never did this path that really takes you all the method to the ship!! I was extremely very pleased about this new to me running path as well as new experience! as well as I was likewise pleased to run with trainer Steve as well as see a few of my Sole Runner Buddies!!

Here’s a quick RUN down (get it?) of this weekend’s long run. as well as I have an Instagram story design template you can utilize to set your primary goal for this week. inspect it out as well as share it on Instagram tagging @RunEatRepeat so I can see what your goals are best now!!
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First… running in long Beach:

I ran with trainer Steve … His running group The Sole Runners are training for the long beach marathon as well as half marathon.

1. We ran around the marina as well as made our method to the bike / pedestrian path on the beach. very first stop was stating hi to Captain Morgan!

2. trainer Steve has gotten truly quick as well as was pushing me from the extremely beginning. I got mad at him a bit bit while we were running… however I am truly glad that he makes me step it up.

3. I’ve been right here a great deal however never ran to the Queen Mary! The path I typically do goes to a pier across the water from it. So I was very thrilled to try a new route! //

4. The Sole Runners custom is to go all the method up as well as touch it before turning around.

5. We started early to try as well as beat the warm however it still ended up being very hot!

6. Leann it is the Sole Runners support team as well as sets out an aid station on long runs. They had watermelon coconut water Gatorade soda cookies as well as more!

7. RER present with the Queen Mary in the background!

Instagram story Template

Fill out this insta story design template with your primary goal for the week. select one thing to focus on as well as truly go after it!!

You can discover much more goal templates as well as other fun fill-in or this/that stories under “Templates” in my Instagram Highlights!

Make sure to comply with @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for more!

Question: What is your primary goal this week?

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