Random Tuesday with Ask a Monican #32

Howdy howdy howdy! Today has been very productive and full of randomness like always. So, now I present my random thoughts on a Tuesday…

I purchased two small watermelons from Costco this week and ate 1 today. One mini-watermelon is 1 serving, right?
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And I hate to admit how fast the 5lb container of grapes from Costco disappeared. I’m guess that’s not expected to be 1 serving?

Lunch was my #2 favorite Lean Cuisine on salad. (Number 1 is pizza, obviously.)

Candy lovers note: This KIND plus PB Dark Choc bar tastes like a See’s Candy. Pinkie Swear.

The Spirutein lady at the expo (why can’t I remember her name?!) hooked me up with this Raspberry Royale Whey protein too. It’s good, but still not Cherries Jubilee (my one true love).

I don’t think you understand how creamy this stuff is. It’s really like ice cream. I’m purchasing stock tonight! Or, I’m stocking up. De todas formas…

It feels strange to wear red on such a Spring-y day. anybody else feel like dressing in Easter egg colors these days?

Esperar. I just checked, spring doesn’t start until March 20th. You have one week to get ready!

Ask a Monican #32:

Monica from Run eat Repeat answers… 1. how do you live healthy without making others around you feel like shit if they want to eat Doritos? (or something like that) 2. ought to I get my thyroid checked if I can’t lose weight?* 3. My feet hurt when I run outside. What ought to I do?

*The symptoms of thyroid issues are much more than just a stuck scale. If you think something might be wrong with you (in general) please see a doctor (not some random RunEatRepeater).

If you have a question for me email me at runeatrepeat at gmail dot com or leave it in the comments. All questions will remain anonymous unless you specifically say I ought to mention your name, height, weight, address, if you’re single…



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